At FarmerTy Frags, we are hobbyists first.  This mentality is in every facet of our business model.  We strive to sell frags that we would want ourselves.  Healthy, happy, and shipped with the upmost care to guarantee everyone receives a great start to a future colony. 

Happy frags start with happy colonies!  We at FarmerTy Frags have been in the hobby continuously since 2004.  The amount of experience gained over the years has helped us maintain ideal conditions for our colonies to keep them the healthiest they can be, and as a result, buyers get the healthiest frags as well.

This also extends into our ability to serve our customers.  Whether they need advice on which corals would best suit their tanks or if they need support beyond just the frags they purchased, we are here to assist in any way possible with our wealth of experience on all areas of reefing!